Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How do you say...

Okay folks, pet peeve time. I admit, I mispronounce some words. I’ve been guilty of saying “on premise” when in fact the correct term is “on premises” (this particular one has gotten a lot of air time in my Twitter stream recently). There are a couple of words that I overheard and thought “wow, do I say that word wrong, or is [redacted] saying it wrong?” Read and heed. Comments? You know the drill.

1. Chassis - Don’t say it like it looks in the English language. It’s pronounced “chassy” (ryhmes with “classy” and originates from French). BONUS: The plural for this word ends in the Z sound. Ref: 

2. Silicon - There are actually two ways to say this, but “silicone” with a long O sound isn’t one of them. Silicone is a Carbon-chain polymer used in caulks, adhesives, and, well, other things. Silicon’s correct American-English pronunciations can be heard here:

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