Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Juniper Launches QFabric To Compete In The Data Center

In case you missed it, Juniper held an official launch event at 12N Central time (US) today for their new QFabric platform. What intrigued me the most was the maximum end-to-end delay of 5 microseconds. Here are a couple links that show the marketing pump-up-the-adrenaline type of advertisement they led the event with, as well as a 2:24 video with a brief explanation of the QFabric architecture.  Also, here's an Infographic: The 7 Defining Characteristics of QFabric.

Based on what I know of the Brocade VCS/VCX platform, this sounds similar in many ways. But I'm certainly not a Brocade expert!

Did you watch the launch event? What was your take on it?

Here are some screenshots I took of the more technical slides (which I think most engineers agree are more interesting than the marketing hype).

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