Thursday, February 17, 2011

Life Without Caffeine

Title catch your attention? I thought so. Try to imagine it for a minute. I've been living it. Well, not quite, but I've been living on a limited caffeine intake since January 1 2011 as part of my 100-day challenge. Before Jan 1, I would drink 6-8 Diet Cokes per day. Since then, just 1. What's worth giving up so much caffeine for, you ask? This:
The Apple iPad. Better yet, by the time my 100-day challenge is done on April 10 (but who's counting), there should be an iPad 2 available.

In this world of self-indulgence it's very rewarding, albeit quite challenging, to replace instant self-gratification with self-denial. It makes the prize that much sweeter in the end.

What will you give up for 100 days, and what will your reward be? Join me in the challenge!

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